A young Tigers backstop

A young Tigers backstop

Bill Freehand, 1960s


This is a terrific look at a late pennant race game by the great Ty Cobb.

Our Game

This may be my favorite ballgame of all. It is not baseball’s greatest (think Game 3 of the 1951 NL playoff, or June 14, 1870, when the Cincinnati Red Stockings finally lost a game), but it is the one I wish I had attended in person. I included it in my book Baseball’s Ten Greatest Games, more than thirty years ago. But instead of my reprising that piece for you now, why not let Ty Cobb tell you all about it? He was there, on that 30th day of September in 1907.

If I were asked to reassess my ten greatest games today, some of those games I chose for that book would  drop off the list–how else to work in Kirk Gibson and Jack Morris and David Freese?

But not this one. Come along with me now: the Tigers of Crawford and Cobb are about to do battle with…

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Did You know?

Did you know that Bill Freehan played baseball and football at the University of Michigan?

Freehan hit a Big Ten baseball record .585 (batting average), in 1961, and signed later that year to play for the Detroit Tigers.


See if you can find the young Freehan in the ’61 team photo.



The Hall of Very Good and Bill Freehan

This past summer I was asked by the baseball web site Hall of Very God to write an article on Bill Freehan.

I was honored, of course, and accepted the challenge.

I’ve been a Freehan fan for 45 years…at least…and I couldn’t wait to put on paper my thought on baseball’s best catcher f the 1960’s.

Here’s the link to the Freehan article.

I hope you enjoy the article, please comment either way.

Thanks, and G Tigers!