Welcome to Freehans Five Gold Gloves

Hello baseball fans, my name is John, and I love Detroit Tiger baseball.

Heck, I love baseball, period.

I first started playing baseball in the mid 1960’s, learning how to hit, throw, and field from my Uncle Bob, who would come to visit my brothers and I every summer to play baseball.

Baseball is the greatest of sport, a timeless game that has basically been un changed for over 100 years.

90 feet from base to base, 60 feet, 6 inches from the pitcher to the hitter, thrown, hit, run, catch.

I have been blogging about baseball for over a year, on http://www.johnsbigleaguebaseballblog.blogspot.com, writing about baseball in general, it’s great history, with a smattering of recent baseball tossed in on occasion.

In creating this new blog, Freehan’s Five Gold Gloves, I will continue to write about the game of baseball, it’s history, my favorite memories, but i will also be focusing on my favorite team, the Detroit Tigers, and on my favorite baseball player, Bill Freehan, whom I believe should have been honored by the Tigers a long time ago( I’ll be getting to that).

Baseball season has started, many exciting things have already happened, and as the season continues, baseball fans will be given many more highs and lows watching their favorite teams and players.

I hope you will continue to allow my to help your enjoyment of our National Pastime, the greatest game ever, the game of baseball.


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